Infinite Game in Testing
Software Testing will never be the same approach again, Test execution is everything.

Tester First : Identify our testing scope from design phase is a real challenge to testing team, so most of our(QA) effort has been starting once the development phase was completed, there are two reasons, "Budget" and "Value".

Why tester should involve in early phase? Testing has been measuring from design understanding, Interfaces , Services , Infrastructure, Database model, Product/functional knowledge, and customer/market expectations.

Testing Tools : Selecting the right software testing tool is a first step to improve our productivity and process. This is depends on technical objectives, budget, training, efforts and people. We(QA) need an extensive supports from each team/department to implement the right software testing tool(s).Software Testing an investments, We will get the returns from market place.

Process : It's continues improvement, feedback from internal team, customer and market. We can’t create a system until we clearly understand the process. Process has been measured by individual deliverables and responsibility, first step to improve your process is documenting your daily activities and ensure that tradition process should not kill your ideas.

  • - API, Web & Mobile
    - Accessibility [UI & UX]

    - Performance & Security
    - Analytics, Data Warehouse

  • - Banking & Finance
    - Insurance & Life Science
    - Media & Retail
    - Publication & Education

  • - AI & ML | VR & AR
    - Voice Search & SMM
    - Data Science & Digital
    - Blockchain & IoT

  • - Assessment
    - People Metrics
    - Process Metrics
    - Testing Metrics