We should love the Process

Image ^ Credit goes to Grayvee   Process = [People + Tools]   1) Clarity: Get more information as much early and we should try to connect those dot(s)…before starting our design/development/testing. 2) Plan, Prepare Checklist and Do: Prepare the high-level document for what to do first, then start the step by step. 3) Tools: […]

Sell me this defect …

The defect[bug] is an important role in the software development lifecycle, finding a bug[defect] seemed to be easy, but closing those defects are not a simple. In our software industries, 25% of bugs are opened more than 12 months, due to various reason, the bug does not explain properly, not communicated properly or prioritized or […]

Test cases

We(QA) can create the test cases in three ways:  Options 1: This approach, we have been following more than two decades in our testing industry,  Yes! prepare the test cases in the excel sheet. This is the best approach for large/enterprise application(s) and helps with Automation and tracking without tools.  The reason behind was we can […]

Appium Installation

One of my favorite automation testing tool, this tool helps us to automate mobile application such as native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.  I’d biggest challenge when started installing the appium package on a mac machine, this installation steps may be changed whenever the OS version or dependencies changes. Please feel free ping me through FB messenger, I […]

Environment issue!

30% to 50% Bugs are opened due to the environment-related issue. – Configuration issue. – The server probably restarted. – System logs are overloaded. – Interface system was down. – Services is broken. – IP-Pointing to the different environment. – Server issue. – Content migration issue or old contents. – Role-based access issue. – Data […]

DevOps-QA era has been started!

So our traditional automation test model will be deprecated soon. In our 1st gen of test automation efforts started as an “n-release” and Objective of Test automation to created Test data and reduced the manual effort for Regression testing, and Smoke testing. The automation script has been executed in the independent test environment and mostly commercial […]

I write what I work(test).

Software Testing tools ( Automation, Performance, Security, API and more… ) My new learning way and market demand. Best/Bad Test approach. Where I missed the bug in every release? How do designing the test reports? Process failure, Planning failure, Execution failures, and of course all my failures… My software testing approach and more … Software […]