QA environment is define our Quality of Work.

Are we set up our Independent Test environment on the right way?  Simulate live environment as a test environment to improve our test coverage. All services and COTs software must be integrated with Test environment too. User test Data needs to masked/ encrypted before go to the Test environment. The database should be independent and […]

Why Analytics?

Analytics is a Hotcake in our market, I’m sure next few years…, There’s a long list of industries that have been disrupted by Analytics future, Yes !! Industries have been measuring the real data through user’s actions(s) and interests.  Analytics feature is helping to any business for improving rich experiences to end users. Analytics concepts have […]

Where is your screenshot? Do you a have proof?

During our testing, we need a screenshot of proof.  here are steps how we can take a screenshot of Mac machine. You can capture your entire screen or just a selected portion of it. The screenshot is automatically saved to your desktop. How to take a screenshot of your entire screen Press Shift-Command (⌘)-3. Find the screenshot as […]

Appium Installation

One of my favorite automation testing tool, this tool helps us to automate mobile application such as native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.  I’d biggest challenge when started installing the appium package on a mac machine, this installation steps may be changed whenever the OS version or dependencies changes. Please feel free ping me through FB messenger, I […]

Behavior Driven Development [Testing]

Behavior Driven Testing is an extension of Test Driven Development and  BDD Test Approach more focus on user functionality and Tests are writing as a behavior of products/applications.  Test cases are written first and development and testing happen based on the scenarios. Benefits of BDD approach Manual testing and Automation testing on sync and fewer chances […]