QA environment is define our Quality of Work.

How can we improve the test environment stability to increase the productivity ? 

  1. Objective of Test environment setup has to be reduce the effort and increase the test coverage during the testing phase.  that includes all the backend services (downstream and upstream system connectivity as well)
  2. All those COTs software must be integrated with Test environment as required.
  3. User test Data needs to be masked/ encrypted before go to the Test environment.
  4. The database should be independent and not to be shared with Development environment effort.
  5. All test machine must able to access to testers as a read-only privilege as required.
  6. Server/ Audit logs must be read-only options to validate the inside out system level.
  7. The QA ENVIRONMENT setup/code based on QAP+(EB+D)
    • QA = Production setup and base code + ( Enhancement & Bug Fixes  + Development source code)
    • When we approach to new product/project from scrach, that needs to be start from incremental model. Test < Dev .
  8. When the code is ready/deployed to QA, Don’t put it on hold due to environment issue-stability … Keep showing our(qa) testing progress then push to market on time as much early.
  10. Tester must know that, how these environment was build/setup for connectivity level testing.

In our real-world scenario 90% of our development team(s) does not have time to set up the above test entry criteria, So we have to deal with it by COST. Yes! Quality of cost will be increased due to additional effort. 

It does not matter how many environment , we’ve been running the automation test … as long as , when we have one independent test environment for end-to-end testing, that will be improve our productivity and reduce the testing effort. Quality means everyone responsibility .

From the Test environment setup standpoint, we’ve- had hard to find the difference between Test environment vs Live environment …  are we?

Image credit goes to thesprucecrafts

Are you building your testing environment on right way, since you have been moved to Cloud-infra ?