We should love the Process

Image ^ Credit goes to Grayvee


Process = [People + Tools]


1) Clarity:
Get more information as much early and we should try to connect those dot(s)…before starting our design/development/testing.

2) Plan, Prepare Checklist and Do: Prepare the high-level document for what to do first, then start the step by step.

3) Tools: Choose a right software tool, which is fit into your project cost for reducing our manual efforts and increase productivity.

4) Testing: Real testing measured by our market[end user]. So test.allTheThings();

5) Fail-Faster: Learn from failures, Improve one step at a time.

6) Transparency: Communication should be more transparent to the team. Everyone should understand what is our primary Goal and what is next…

7) Values: Show the outcome of results and not our efforts.

8) Share: Share your status report on daily, knowledge, the document all your work share to the team member(s) and learn from each team member.

9) Self-Audit: Measure work effort and validate our customer expectation.

10) Done: Show the progress, Demo to stakeholder and collect their feedback and keep improving.

Repeat above the steps again and again and again, change it, fine-tune it wherever applicable… it’s also called process.