Cucumber is good for Testing.

Cucumber is a functional Test automation tool, based on Behavior-driven development framework, which driven by the test cases using Jerkins language to test the Web and Mobile Applications. Jerkins language is easily understandable, readable.

Cucumber Dependencies : Maven

Feature file :
Feature: Check the user able to send the Facebook message from
Scenario: Send a message to SPSankar through Facebook message
Given I open the web application
Then I should see the Facebook message icon on home screen
When I should able to tap on Facebook message icon
Then I should Sign in to Facebook message page.
And I should able to enter the email and password
Then I should able to click the continue button
And I should able to send the message to SPSankar

Create a step using annotations cucumber @Given, @Then, @When, @Then @And

Integrate with TestNG and JUnit, So TestRunner helping to integrate with feature file and Test Steps.
-TestNG Dependencies
-Junit Dependencies

Monochrome = True,
features= “File path”
plugin = {“pretty”,”html:target/cucumber-html-report:”})
public class MessageTestRunner extends AbstractTestNGCucumberTests{