Why Analytics?

Analytics is a Hotcake in our market, I’m sure next few years…, There’s a long list of industries that have been disrupted by Analytics future, Yes !! Industries have been measuring the real data through user’s actions(s) and interests.  Analytics feature is helping to any business for improving rich experiences to end users.

Analytics concepts have been taken by Audit management. Example: Take any large secure application mainly for the banking system, ex: payments, and forex system, in the system all internal and external user(s) actions were stored in Audit table/ audit logs.[ During the Mainframe era]. So the business/support team has been tracking all the user activity. [Who, When, how ]. So this approach has initially helped to business /support team. if any payment got rejected or Hold as an operation support team can be checked at the database audit level.

then we’d added a new feature called “History” on UI level. As a user able see all the activities on UI level [On WebApp era] and one more table added to DB level called history table. This information passed to frontend then reports also generated and share to end user to a different delivery channel. [ Fax , email, pdf, and more]

Well, we are now in a digital era, all our activity has been tracked on the backend based on all the actions. example, if anyone, open web app/mobile apps, everything has been tracked. Yes, All the User action/information stored on local cookies/database transfer as a structured manner and communicate via rest services- API calls, like a JSON format. if you have been cleared browser history on your web page but still services will pick up all your actions later. So… be careful we are all had been trapped by analytics feature.
May I know the business benefits?
In our digital market,  30% to 50% user based application moved to Mobile/iPad/Tablet/Desktop browser(s),  So all the end user application should be supporting to digital and integrated with Analytics tool, which helps to improve the sales, promotions, marketing, customer interactions, and experiences.
Ex: Example take any website or Mobile App(s) which contains Images/Video/Audio/Search/Marketing clips/Social media Interactions and other contents click etc …,As an user how many times opened Page,Read,Viewed,Liked,Watched,Listened,shared all our actions are stored in the database/Browser cookies. those actions are generated in numbers then push to displayed in the company’s visual board.

On REST-ful endpoint
Authorization: Bearer {oauth2-token}

GET https://www.qorigin.com/analytics/s3/data
  & URL_Clicked=www.qorigin.com/blog
  & Video_Name=No
  & Click_items =Page_name &read_items=Yes
Analytics reports.