Test cases

We(QA) can create the test cases in three ways: 

Options 1: This approach, we have been following more than two decades in our testing industry,  Yes! prepare the test cases in the excel sheet. This is the best approach for large/enterprise application(s) and helps with Automation and tracking without tools.  The reason behind was we can write test cases in the detailed way and step by step.A well-written test case should allow any tester to understand and execute the test.

Click this sample Test cases template and you can upload test cases into any  Test Management tools like ALMTest caseLabQACompleteVisualStudioRallyJIRA and more…

Options 2: A Mindmap tools help to create the test cases in a quick way.  we can implement this approach in any digital/mobile app testing.

We can’t use it for large/enterprise application like banking and insurance area.  The reason behind was business flow/data depends on the downstream and third-party systems. So option 1 is the right choice for large enterprise applications (Banking, Insurance, Retail, Life Science Applications )

Opensource mindmap tools – Coggle,  MindMapple, and more 

Option 3: Everyone understands and easy to explain to all stakeholders including nontechnical persons and new members. , Gherkin is the language that Cucumber understands for automation purpose. This is the right model for BDD trends.

Feature :

When login to youtube Apps

Gherkin Sample Test case:

Given I have valid email id to login And I am about to enter my email id.

Scenario − Check the Login invalid email id.

Scenario Definition:

When I enter a Login email id  without @ symbol ex (sankarspgmail.com)

And all the other details are correct.

And I submit the button.

Then the page should be redisplayed.

And I should see a message advising me of the correct email id.

A writing a test case always helps to meet the 60% of test coverage. however,  30% to 40% of critical defects has been identified without test cases in the real world.   Test cases are always helping to highlight the RISK, identify the automation scenarios and reports to top management.

Where are we now in our testing phase? So we need the test cases in numbers, how many passes and fail in the automation as well manual testing.  but Exploratory testing is a backbone for functional test coverage.