My favorite Testing Podcasts

My daily transit takes more than 90 minutes (Door to Door) from NewJersey to Newyork and no/less mobile network in Bus/subway/path train. The simple answer is more traffic.

So during this time, I have few choices read an e-book, listen to podcasts/music and of course, I can take a nap ;). The podcasts promote a deeper connection between the speaker and listener. Podcasts are more informative, learning the new ideas and getting inputs from each leader(s) and much more information about new areas, approach, tools, and domain-specific test practices.

I would like to share my favorite testing podcasts in this post.

  • The Testing Show podcast is sponsored by QualiTest Group and covering everything related to Software testing, Tools, Testing experts view, Test approach, current testing trends and more.

  • TestTalks podcast hosted by Joe Colantonio and topics covered mainly automation tools such as Selenium, UFT, LoadRunner, BDD, Testing news, Testing books review and interview with experts and leaders in the automation area and much more…

  • STP Radio is brought to you from the community of software test professionals. Topics such as tools, techniques, practices and leadership view and more …

  • Cucumber Podcast RSS is sponsored by Cucumber core team and shared their ideas and approach on cucumber tools, framework and BDD and more...

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