Appium Installation

One of my favorite automation testing tool, this tool helps us to automate mobile application such as native apps, web apps, and hybrid apps.  I’d biggest challenge when started installing the appium package on a mac machine, this installation steps may be changed whenever the OS version or dependencies changes. Please feel free ping me through FB messenger, I can happy to help you or learn from new challenges [my online 8 pm to 10 pM Eastern time]

Mac Machine 

Presteps :

  • Install the XCode for iOS Apps Automation
  • Install the Android Studio for Android Apps Automation
  1. Install Homebrew. 

    When , ruby -e “$(curl -fsSL”

    Then run brew update to ensure your Homebrew is up to date.

    brew doctor 

    As a safe measure, run brew doctor to make sure your system is ready to brew. Follow any recommendations from brew doctor.

  2. Install Node.js
  3. brew install node

  4. Appium Installation :

    run npm install -g appium

    1. Appium -version command will help to check your version.
  5. npm install appium-xcuitest-driver
  6. npm install wd
    1. if you want to start the Appium use this terminal  appium

touch ~/.bash_profile;

SP:Users SP$ open ~/.bash_profile

  • export ANDROID_HOME=/Users/***USER***/Library/Android/sdk
  • export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/platform-tools:$PATH
  • export PATH=$ANDROID_HOME/tools:$PATH
  • export JAVA_HOME=/Library/Java/JavaVirtualMachines/jdk1.7.0_55.jdk/Contents/Home
  • export PATH=$JAVA_HOME/bin:$PATH
  • export M2_HOME=/usr/local/apache-maven/apache-maven-3.3.1/bin:$PATH
  • export PATH=$PATH:$M2
  • export M2=$M2_HOME/bin
  • export PATH=/opt/local/bin:/opt/local/sbin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/sbin:/sbin:

<!– –>
<version>4.1.2</version> **// Always check the stable version


For Windows machine :

  1. Download the latest node and NPM
    1.  npm & node.js should be setup on the path environment variable setup.
    2. Run the command npm install -g appium
    3. Check the version appium -v
  2. To start Appium, you can now simply run appium from the prompt.
  3. Follow the directions below for setup for either Android or Windows app testing.
  4. Run a test from any Appium client.

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