Behavior Driven Development [Testing]

Behavior Driven Testing is an extension of Test Driven Development and  BDD Test Approach more focus on user functionality and Tests are writing as a behavior of products/applications.  Test cases are written first and development and testing happen based on the scenarios.

Benefits of BDD approach

  • Manual testing and Automation testing on sync and fewer chances of documentation and quick delivery with quality product
  • Everyone understand and easy to explain to all stakeholders including nontechnical persons and new members.
  • Fit for Agile environment and help to improve the collaborative way to communicate to across team members ( Product owners, BA, Developer, and Tester)
  • Gherkin is the language that uses in Cucumber tool.

Template for Gherkin language:


#Keywords Summary :

#Feature: List of scenarios.

#Scenario: Business rule through list of steps with arguments.

#Given: Some precondition step

#When: Some key actions

#Then: To observe outcomes or validation

#And,But: To enumerate more Given,When,Then steps

#Scenario Outline: List of steps for data-driven as an Examples and <placeholder>

#Examples: Container for s table

#Background: List of steps run before each of the scenarios

#””” (Doc Strings)

#| (Data Tables)

#@ (Tags/Labels):To group Scenarios

#<> (placeholder)


## (Comments)

#Sample Feature Definition Template


Feature: Title of your feature

I want to use this template for my feature file


Scenario: Title of your scenario

Given I want to write a step with precondition

And some other precondition

When I complete action

And some other action

And yet another action

Then I validate the outcomes

And check more outcomes


Scenario Outline: Title of your scenario outline

Given I want to write a step with <name>

When I check for the <value> in step

Then I verify the <status> in step


    | name  |value | status |

    | name1 |  5   | success|

    | name2 |  7   | Fail   |