Mobile Apps Testing. [5 seconds rule and should be brake ]

When we start a Mobile Apps testing, following question would help us to estimate our testing effort/Approach/Test Coverage.

Steps 1 : 

  1. What type of Apps? [ Native App, Webs App, and Hybrid App ]
  2. How the contents/information are downloaded into Mobile and do we have any mapping document each attributes level or screen level?
    1. What is the file size of the contents if we choose the Side load options?
    2. Content migration plan and type of contents?
    3. How to measure the test data [Image, Audio, video or any other file type]
    4. Do we have offline contents?Do we integrate with any third-party system?
  3. What is your testing budget? Do you have any testing devices, BYOD or Cloud?
  4. May I know your App users / Business?
    1. Internal users  or External user
    2. Business data, Third party data,  Video, Audio, Images, or User data-display.
  5.  Are you plan to go for any cloud approach testing?
    1. Tools, Infrastructure level, and Serverless
  6. Are we using any tools or planning to start  UI testing tools or Nonfunctional testing tools?
    1. UI Based Automation [ Appium, SeeTest, Perfecto, Saucelabs, Device Anywhere and more…]
    2. API Tools, help to measure the Non-Functionality [Rest- Assured, Soup-UI, Postman/NewMan and more …]
    3. Performance tools [ Jmeter, Neoload, HP-Performance center and more.. ]
      1. CPU Utilization, Memory Management.
    4. Security testing tools [ Non-Functional]
    5. Content Migration Testing tools [ Non-Functional]
  7.  How are we going to test the big data/analytics?
    1. Database level check.
    2. UI level validation.
    3. Third party application.
    4. Real-time content updates.
  8. Do we have any performance requirement OR benchmark?
    1. Page loading time.
    2. Video streaming time.
    3. Download time
    4. sideload approach.
    5. Content Storage on local or Cloud.
  9. Do you have a prototype diagram,how the system communicated to mobile device.?
  10.  Have we any security policy / User agreement/third party app registration?
  11.  Roadmap for UX testing / Accessibility Testing.
  12. May I know the company policies for open source testing tools.