Execution is Everything...
Testing will never be the same approach

Tester First:- Identify the Testing areas of what, when, why, and how are an essential and will be accomplished with customer in every interactions . Capture the business scenario,validate the functionality and test it to highlight the risk ."Fail faster and learn quicker"

Process :- It's a continues improvement and learning. Process improvement always based on customer satisfactions. A valid Internal rejection is a first step to improve the process. A series of steps taken in order to achieve a Goal.

Tools :- Select the right software tools is always the first steps to improve the process , productivity and transparency , depends on technical objectives , budget , efforts, resource constraints , supports from other department and integration futures.

  • - Automation
    - Performance
    - Security
    - Usability

  • - AI'Machine Learning
    - Mobile and Digital
    - Devices and Gaming
    - BigData & Analytics

  • - Dynamic Driven
    - Mind Map Driven
    - BDD, TDD & RBT
    - DevOps-QA

  • - Assessment
    - Defect & Execution
    - Executive Reports
    - Productivity & ROI

Testing never ends ...

Tools Trends

Testing Tools