Testing never ends...
Software Testing will never be the same approach again, Execution is Everything.

Testing Tools : Selecting the right software tool is a first step to improve the productivity and process. This is depends on technical objectives, budget, training, efforts and people. We(QA) need an extensive supports from each team/department to implement the right software testing tool(s).

Tools are free, but "Testing" is an investment. We will get returns from market.

Tester(s) First : Identify the testing scope from design phase is a real challenge to testing team, So most of our(QA) efforts has been started after the development phase is completed, there are two reasons , "Budget" and "Value" . What is a real testing value if customer hire a "tester" on initial phase?

Real value of testing would be measured on production bug counts and user(s) review.

Process : It is a continues improvement and based on feedback from internal team ,customer and market. We can’t create a system until we clearly understand the process.

Process = Individual responsibility.

  • - API & UI Automation
    - Performance Engg
    - Security & Usability
    - Data Analytics , Warehouse

  • - Banking & Finance
    - Insurance & Life Science
    - Media & Retail
    - Education

  • - AI & Machine Learning
    - V/A Reality
    - Data Science & Analytics
    - Digital & IoT

  • - Assessment
    - People Metrics
    - Process Metrics
    - Testing Metrics