Testing never Ends...
Software Testing will never be the same approach again, Execution is Everything.

Tester First :- Software Tester has to Identify the Testing Scope and to Interact with customers and team members.
Document the Possible Test scenarios to improve the maximum Test coverages.

Process :- Process is a continues improvement ,it's based on feedback from Internal Team ,Customer and Market.
A valid Internal rejection is a first step to improve the process and series of steps taken in order to achieve a goals.
We can’t create a best system until we clearly understand the process.

Testing Tools :- Select the right software tools is a first step to improve the Productivity and Process. This has been depends on technical objectives, budget, efforts and technical resource .
           We(QA) need an extensive supports from each team/department to implement the right tool.

  • - API & UI Automation
    - Performance Engg
    - Security
    - Data Analytics
    - Data Warehouse
    - Usability Testing

  • - Banking & Finance
    - Insurance & Life Science
    - Media & Retail
    - Education

  • - AI & Machine Learning
    - Virtual & Augmented Reality
    - Data Science and Digital
    - Internet of Things

  • - Assessment
    - People Metrics
    - Process Metrics
    - Project/Product Metrics
    - Testing Metrics

Testing Tools

Testing In Progress